■ Overview
113-1000atccab-3D is an add-on for the 113-1000atccab train. The latter is a rendition of the real JR Series 113 train.

What 113-1000atccab-3D is:

An example to show developers how to create a 3D cab
A way for users to be inspired by the feeling of a 3D cab

What 113-1000atccab-3D features:

Animated reverser, power and brake levers
Speedometer, pressure gauges, pilot lamp and analog clock
ATS and ATC status lamps
ATC speed limitation indicators

What 113-1000atccab-3D is not:

A serious openBVE add-on - just something for developers to study
A realistic rendition of the JR Series 113 train, nor of any other train
A high quality example of a 3D cab - quite to the contrary, actually...

■ Download
You require the 113-1000atccab original, which you can download here:

SiteTrainDownloadPackage type
PM's BVE WebJR113系http://bve.jpn.org/jr113.htmlEXE

Note: The above train is not currently offered in a platform-independent format, but in a Windows-specific installer.

Once you have the original, create a copy of the train folder and name it 113-1000atccab-3D. Then, download the following package and replace existing files in the 113-1000atccab-3D folder:

Date2009-07-08 (Wednesday)
Size294 KiB

■ Using the train
Select a route of your choice. You have to select the 113-1000atccab-3D train manually from the list of available trains. While you can use any route, the following is an incomplete list of routes for which the JR Series 113 train is generally suitable:

RouteRoute DownloadPackage form
総武・成田線Sobu and Narita Linehttp://umikaze81.hp.infoseek.co.jp/sobu_down.htmZIP, EXE
成田線Narita Linehttp://umikaze81.hp.infoseek.co.jp/narita_down.htmZIP, EXE
東金線Togane Linehttp://umikaze81.hp.infoseek.co.jp/togane_down.htmEXE
内房線Uchibo Linehttp://mackoy.cool.ne.jp/get4/download.htmlMSI

The built-in safety systems ATS and ATC are used by this train, which are explained in the How to drive - A quick overview on controls, ATS/ATC, signals and signs guide.