Animated Object Demonstration Route

■ Overview
The Animated Object Demonstration Route is a minimalistic route intended to demonstrate the CSV and RW route formats, and, most importantly, the use of animated objects.

What DemoRoute1 is:

An example to show developers how to create a CSV or RW route
An example to show developers how to create animated objects
A way for users to be inspired by the feeling of a non-static environment

What DemoRoute1 features:

Animated destination indicator and analog clock at a station
Animated semaphore and blinking light signals
Animated crossing gate and moving cars
Animated escalator and flying airplane

What DemoRoute1 is not:

A serious openBVE add-on - just something for developers to study
A rendition of any real route.
A high quality example of a route

■ Download
The route is available through the Get Add-Ons screen in the main menu of openBVE 1.3.2 or later. You can find it filed under Japan, or by entering the package name animated-object-demo-route or the caption Animated Object Demonstration Route in the filter box.

Alternatively, download this tarball and extract it manually (not recommended).