Information and tips for train creation

This page presents information developers need to be aware of and general tips for object creation.

■ Exterior objects

  Exterior objects need to follow the same rules as any other object. See Information and tips on object creation.

■ panel.cfg / panel2.cfg

  You are free to use textures with full alpha channels without worrying about performance or transparency artifacts. Depth sorting will always perform correctly with these panel formats, so make good use of dirty or wet windscreens via alpha channels, for example.

  In the panel2.cfg, you are responsible for ensuring that overlapping elements are placed in unique layers. Otherwise, the rendering order might be erratic or could lead to z-fighting.

  Single textures should be of power-of-two size, e.g. sides should have a length of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. However, with textures containing smaller images to be extracted later, e.g. DigitalIndicator in panel.cfg or DigitalNumber in panel2.cfg, the individual contained images should be of power-of-two size where possible, while the size of the container texture is irrelevant.