First time downloading?

If you are installing openBVE for the first time, please see the install instructions for Windows or for Linux/Mac below.

openBVE may quit unexpectedly or not run if it is not set-up correctly.

Latest stable release

openBVE (9 February 2016)

Download as ZIP, includes developer tools 2.86MB, hosted on Backblaze

The changelog and source code are also available.

Additional dependencies

You will need to download and run the following installers.

Install instructions

If this is your first time installing openBVE, or you are encountering issues, please follow these install instructions:

Installing on Windows Installing on Linux or OS X

Your next steps

Once openBVE is installed, you may visit the How To Play section to start!

Legacy releases and other downloads

Legacy releases

Older openBVE releases, where available, can be downloaded on the changelog page.

Additional dependencies

There are additional dependencies that are required in addition to the openBVE main program. In some releases, some or all of these dependencies were not packaged together with the main program.