How to Play

This page is still a work-in-progress.

This page is being worked on. An initial set of links is provided to get you started.

Get openBVE up and running

If this is your first time installing openBVE, or you are encountering issues, please follow these install instructions:

Installing on Windows Installing on Linux or OS X

Installing add-ons

openBVE runs openBVE add-ons, as well as most BVE Trainsim (version 2 and 4) add-ons. BVE 5 add-ons are not supported.

The Links page contains a few websites that hosts openBVE add-ons Coming soon. You can also find add-ons online using a search engine.

Most add-ons come in the form of a ZIP file that has to be extracted. Move the files from the ZIP file to this folder structure.

Start driving

You can learn more about how to start driving in these pages:

Archived pages

The full set of Install and play pages from the old openBVE website can be found on GitHub.